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Maya Haran Rosen

I am a visiting post-doctoral scholar at the Business Economics and Public Policy Department in the University of Pennsylnvania Wharton School for the academic year 2023-2024 (starting August 2023). I am also a researcher within the Finance Division at the Bank of Israel and a lecturer at the Finance Department in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Business School. I earned my PhD from the Finance Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Business School in 2022.

Worked many years in policy and research. My research primarily revolves around household finance, with a specific focus on savings and retirement. I investigate individuals' financial decisions and behaviors and focuse on financail literacy, confidence, and trust. My PhD dissertation explores case studies of financial regulations in Israel that were based on fintech advancements and aimed at lowering costs and raising attention to saving.

Additionally, I research high-tech sector funding.  

Research Fields: Household Finance, Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, Long-term Retirement Savings, Financial Regulation, Financial Institutions, High-tech Finance




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